Comparison of Scholarly Articles- select TWO scholarly articles

Comparison of Scholarly Articles- select TWO scholarly articles. These are articles published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal (PLEASE REVIEW FOOTNOTE BELOW). The articles should each address a gang-related topic of your choosing. Such topics may include gender, violence, neighborhoods, interventions, race/ethnicity, prevention, prison or another topic. Articles from our weekly readings are acceptable sources for this assignment. Your comparison should begin with a complete citation for each article following APA guidelines.You should provide a one paragraph description of what each article is about, what its method of study was, and three key findings. You should then provide two paragraphs identifying what the articles have in common and two paragraphs identifying differences between the articles. Your assignment should conclude with a one paragraph description of future areas where more knowledge is needed. APA FORMAT7-8 PARAGRAPHS NO PLAGIARIZING!!!!!! PROVIDE TURN IT IN REPORT READ ARTICLES IN LINK AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ABOVE PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS

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