Need an research paper on msc project management: applied methods

Need an research paper on msc project management: applied methods. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. Effective leadership and skillful management do not talk only of telling people what to do or increasing financial gains and raising pecuniary targets each year. More than anything else, these concepts thrive on vision, on the availability of training, on the practice of efficient employee relations, and heeding to the needs of the whole organizational culture. The economy requires that financial services organizations rethink and refocus their leadership development practices to accommodate the shift to new, relationship-oriented business models. To make that shift, financial services organizations must redefine requirements for leadership effectiveness, refine practices and policies for leadership development, and hold leaders accountable for real leadership in the financial services organization. Perhaps most importantly in this era of transition, leaders themselves must understand that their real legacy will not be the past performance of their financial services organization, but its sustainable success. Helping leaders learn how to get results by being boundary-less thinkers, network builders, diplomats, and interpreters is a first step in meeting this challenge. Holding them accountable for getting results today and developing next-generation leaders for tomorrow is the quantum leap. By examining the Company Background, it will be seen that both management and rank-and-file staff have difficulty coping with and adjusting to the series of transitions that have taken place in their organization that contributed to its stalemate status. It is also shown how financial growth does not correspondingly translate into real development for an organization or for the growth of the most important resource of any business group, – people. Various research methods will be used to determine perceptions, effectiveness, and culture, and a way forward will be proposed in the subsequent dissertation.

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