Social Issues

4 (four) pages excluding cover and references. 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, normal margins. APA reference page and cover page. the assignment is to be addressed as a Question and Answer document. You must have the question as a header above your reply.
1. Identify a social issue of particular interest and explain personally why you think you are interested in the issue. For example healthcare, education, environment, crime, and incarceration, etc. 2. Identify a law related to the social issue you have identified. Describe if the law is state or federal and when and why it was or is pending. 3. Describe both sides of the law from a value perspective. What would liberals say about the law and what would conservatives say? What is the controversy of the law based upon the liberal and/or conservative views? 4. Has this law been effective in creating social change? If the law has not been effective or enacted, what are some areas that are still outstanding and how could changes in law continue to promote social change? 5. Concluding Remarks.

DUE Aug 29

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