Utopias are envisioned societies where human beings live a best possible life

Utopias are envisioned societies where human beings live a best possible life. Utopias are here distinguished from dystopias.Dystopias are envisioned societies where the structuring of society is tragically wrong, bringing human suffering, misery, and difficult to overcome barriers to a decent life. The movie Hunger Games is an example of a Dystopia, with 2 variant dystopias depicted. We will not be dealing with dystopias in this assignment.INSTRUCTIONSIn this assignment you are to construct an Engels-Inspired Utopia.Such a utopia will have 3 main characteristics:1. A highly developed technologically driven global society2. Completely devoid of capitalism3. With minimal if any governmentPREPARING FOR THE ASSIGNMENTYou begin by reading my Engels notes and the Engels reading.Then you can begin considering elements in our current society that suggest the ways that technology is making the need for capitalism obsolete. This should give you a general sense of how to construct an Engels Utopia.Next you should consider some currently important areas of society that you might find most feasible to extrapolate as elements of this futuristic Utopia.WRITING THE ASSIGNMENTYou must choose one of the possible areas below, writing a long paragraph (at least half a page, single spaced) describing what that area might be like in an Engels non-capitalist technologically driven future. ART AND/OR ENTERTAINMENTGOODS: DURABLE & PERISHABLETRANSPORTATIONCOMMUNICATIONFOOD SERVICESMEDIUMS OF EXCHANGEWELFARE: SAFETY/LAWS DO NOT RESEARCH THIS TOPIC. Spare me the incredible boredom of reading the same ideas over & overand over. I see 500 of these essays a year. Many are off the Internet, although they pass Turnitin settings. But they do not pass Sonnier evaluation. I am looking for originality. I am looking for your ideas, and if yours sounds like 20 other of the essays, then you will lose points.

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