A goal is a general statement of what you hope to accomplish with your grant

A goal is a general statement of what you hope to accomplish with your grant. In grant writing, there are 2-5 goals. Goals are broad generalizations and are abstract, not measurable. Each goal is about the outcome or impacts your grant-funded health education program is going to accomplish. In your goals, you want to catch the eye of the grant reviewers. Your goals must loop back to your needs statement. An objective is directly tied to the goal the grant seeker is trying to achieve through grant funding opportunities. Objectives are very targeted and include the outcome(s) that will help accomplish the goal the objective addresses. In grant writing, SMART objective writing application should always apply. SMART stands forspecific,measurable,achievable,realistic, andtime-phased. There should be 2-5 objectives for each goal, and there should be enough objectives to accomplish the goal. Below is an example goal and an objective for a goal. Goal #1:Increase physical activity in children and their parents in Wilmington, Delaware through the Walking for Life health education program. Objective 1A:At the end of the first six months of the Walking for Life health education program, 100 parents and their children will increase their daily physical activity to walking at least one mile.For this weeks discussion board, you will be sharing your health education programs needs statement, two goals, and two objectives. Ensure all parts of the posting are aligned to guidelines and requirements contained in the RFP. Note:To be respectful of your peers, in providing feedback that will be useful to them as they finalize their Needs Statement, Goals, and Objectives for Assignment 1, you are encouraged to post your responses to your colleagues by Day 5. By Day 3 of Week 4 Post the following: Please use the following templates to develop your goals and objectives. To develop agoal, use the template below and fill in the blanks and create a sentence: __________________(Increase or decrease) __________________(what) __________________(in whom) __________________(where) __________________.(in the name of your health education program). To developSMART objectives, use the template below and fill in the blanks and create a sentence: By_____/_____/_____,WHENTime bound _____________________________________________WHO/WHAT—-Specific from _____________________ to __________________________.MEASURE with a number, rate, percentage of change, or baselineMeasurable Be sure to support your analysis and conclusions with citations and references in APA format from the Learning Resources and your own research.

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