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Black Death – The Bubonic Plague

Task #1: Read about Black Death, using this website:

and answer the following questions:

  • Why Europe is vulnerable to plague
  • Timing and spread of plague
  • Symptoms and death
  • Effects (general, social, economic)

Task #2:

Comparison Reading: CHW_Black_Death_reading_for_comparison


Read this article. Once you have read it, think about the Covid-19 pandemic we are now experiencing. Find similarities and differences between the Bubonic Plague and the Coronavirus. How did each society handle this plague? How did each plague affect people and families? Were there Political implications? Medical? Societal? Economically?


Write a comparative analysis where you discuss these questions and make your own critical analysis of these two plagues. Remember to cite all references. This analysis should be 750-1000 words. Include an introduction, 4 body paragraphs (political, medical, societal and economics) and a conclusion in your analysis.

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