Develop a hypothetical health promotion plan

Develop a hypothetical health promotion plan, 3-4 pages in length, addressing a specific health concern for an individual or a group living in the community that you identified from the topic list provided. Bullying. Teen Pregnancy. LGBTQIA + Health. Sudden Infant Death (SID). Immunization. Tobacco use (include all: vaping, e-cigarettes, hookah, chewing tobacco, and smoking) cessation. […]

Stages of Life

Stages of Life Essay and Interview Write a 500-750-word essay on the Stages-of-Life and the influence of age in health care from a patient’s perspective. Interview a friend or family member about that person’s experiences with the health care system. You may develop your own list of questions. Suggested questions: Do you feel that your […]

Human Resource Management homework help

DB 7   Clearly define business ethics. Do so by starting, “Business ethics is….” What specific items should be included in an organization’s ethics program? Explain why these specific items should be included in the ethics program and how they ensure the organization is “doing the right thing”?  Ensure you address the two ideas. Please […]

Human Resource Management homework help

Research your present or past company’s view on corporate social responsibility. If you do not currently work for a company, pick a company that supports corporate social responsibility. Are there programs or initiatives in place to contribute to the community in some way? Review and describe these programs, and comment on their effectiveness to the […]

Williams BBA 3602 Unit 8 Assignment

Using the CSU Online Library, find two articles on information systems best practices. The Academic Search Ultimate database will provide you with excellent articles on this concept. Discuss some of the key issues to be aware of and the best practices to mitigate them. Discuss strategic analysis decisions in the next five years, what we need […]

Unit 7 Discussion Responses

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work or ideas without giving them credit and presenting it as if it was your own. Plagiarism is not appropriate because it can get a person into a lot of trouble and based on a person’s moral, a person should have integrity. Although it is easy to plagiarize, in some […]

Family Traits

Professor instructions:   Collect information from your family members to share a pattern of an inherited trait within your family. Discuss whether or not your trait is dominant or recessive trait Include what percentage of family members exhibits the trait Explain your reasoning for your opinion. Note: This is an family based assignment, you can do it using an imaginary […]

Essay Writing Techniques: Best 5 Tips And Tricks

We all know that sometimes, completing a college assignment can be extra hard. Whether it’s because you’re just too exhausted from all the work you had to do throughout this semester or you just don’t feel like writing, you’re not the only one. Many college students have had similar experiences as you, and everyone had […]

Computer Science homework help

Assignment Description In Unit 1, you created an application service provider (ASP) project with a single page called Home.aspx. In this assignment, you will add 2 more pages and navigation. You will also create the database containing your products. Site Framework The first step is to create the additional pages of your e-commerce site. First, […]

Business Finance

Mid-term Assessment – Summer II – 2021 Written assignment (essay) Activity brief – 4 mini essays BCO222 – Business Finance II Online campus Professor: Miguel Corte-Real. Email: Description Please read the four cases below, and answer the corresponding questions. Format This activity must meet the following formatting requirements: • Font size 12 • Double-spaced […]