Computer science assignment

Grace is a quick learner and she’s always eager to learn new things. The first project I assigned to her was to visualize our marketing data from different sales channels. One of the challenges of this project is to convert data structure to match the report structure. Chenchen propose to use python script to transform the data and keep the possibility to adapt data to a different platform. Her proposal inspired me, and the marketing leader. Although she has very little tech background at that time, she delivered the project that exceeds our expectations.

Grace is also a great problem solver. On one occasion, our team encountered an obstacle with a distributor, and we needed a detailed market report with data support from the customer service team as soon as possible. She worked as a coordinator between our distributor and customer service team. She analyzed the problem root cause and effectively communicated with other departments. In the final data analysis report, she proposed a few possible solutions with rich background research. The result satisfied the distributor, and the problem was solved efficiently so we could proceed with our original marketing strategy plan. Without Grace’s dedication and problem-solving skills, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this result.

During our three months of working together, Grace has shown great interest in the new technologies. When she was interned at Eve by Eve’s, we are introducing cloud infrastructure and migrating our old tech stack to new ones. She shows a strong interest in a data-related projects in python and JavaScript. One of the projects we are working on is migrating our data dashboard to Google Cloud infrastructure. She shows strong initiative in this project and purposes timely feedback on our migration and system design. She worked as a software QA to fast respond to our new system and help our engineers to debug issues quickly. Although she does not have a solid technical background yet, I believe she would be successful in computer-related professionals in the future. Since she’s a quick learner who’s always eager to learn about new technologies which is the key to success in Computer Science professionals.

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