Description i will need your writer to give me a bulletized response. from there i will choose the parts i want your writer to write about and I will cover what i can and then merge the two papers together bullets are single spaced so thats what 500+ words but based on the complexity of this i will need one of your best psychology based writers Create a comprehensive report on the following subject Return-to-Life and Work Paths for Homeless People in Southern California Available through State, Federal and Non-Government Means 1.0 Baseline Assumptions • Subjects will be encountered with combination of the following attributes: • No source of financial support • Are currently not enrolled in State and Federal medical or welfare services they are eligible for • Are involved in drug use with a range of severity • Exhibit a range of mental capabilities and limitations • Suffer from anger management problems • Subject to some physical disability • Age range: teenager to senior citizen 2.0 Task Report Objective The report will provide the following: • A comprehensive, detailed roadmap to take the above individuals, appropriately grouped based on specific attributes e.g. those with mental issues versus those without, from the street to a point where they are in a position to provide for their own: • Housing • Basic living needs • Enroll in continuing education • Apply for jobs • Identify services including • Financial • Medical, both physiological and psychological • Welfare available from the following types of organizations in California supporting each step required: • California state organizations • Federal organizations • Leading non-government charitable organizations in Southern California • For each path, and each step in a path, the report shall: • Define the requirements an applicant has to meet to qualify for aid in the step • The improvement/performance required in the applicant as a result of the service • The financial requirements to fund the step • Insurance requirements to fund the step • The report content shall be generated in the sequence of the steps needed to be taken by the homeless person • The report shall address the relationship between cost and probability of achieving the goal. For example, a subject is involved in drug use e.g. Meth or Heroin • The subject needs to go through detox • If you have health insurance you can go to LomaLinda and get top of the line treatment • Address the entrance requirements, quality and range of service and costs between for example treatment at: • Riverside Knowllwood or other facility • LomaLinda • Document On-Exchange insurance costs and policy coverage of treatments required • A plane based upon an insured individual while more costly may have a higher likelihood of success 3.0 Task Report Reporting Requirements • This is a technical report not a research report • First, establish a report structure in bulletized form • Prose shall be minimized in the report • Report sections shall map to sequential, chronological phases in the path of an applicant • The report shall use Excel spreadsheets to generate and document cost breakdowns



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