How might a global response to a pandemic be better managed & dealt with in the future?

Why the pandemic had such a devastating effect on the world, and how future protocols could manage a prospective disease in a more effective manner.
A summative product will include information on where blame should be laid for the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, how mishandling and misinformation lead to the spread of it, and what we as a species can do to avoid the mistakes in the past.
Relating to geography, both on a physical and human level. COVID-19 transcended borders to become an international pandemic that locked down mobility, devastated the economy, and laid bare many issues present underneath the surface in many aspects of society. From education, to healthcare, and the environment just to name a few specific examples, COVID exposed gaps that we can now work to fuse together, and into the future.
Crossing the lines drawn to define territories and states, rapidly spreading through the digital sphere, COVID-19 is a global problem that we must work together to solve, and avoid a repeat of in future years.
Assessment can come in evaluating arguments, truth of information, grammar, attention to detail, and feasibility of proposed solutions.