Have Strong Understanding About Investing And Economics

Mid-term Course Assessment Research Report
Written assignment
Activity brief
BBA 325 Portfolio Management
Online campus
Professor: Robin Reid | robin.reid@euruni.edu
Description Carefully select two mixed funds of your own choice. The first should
have a very high, positive performance record, the second a lossmaking performance record. Then answer the following questions:
• Why have the funds performed so well/badly? Consider the
following perspectives:
o Political
o Macro-Economic
o Sector
o Internal Factors and policies
• Provide financial analysis, together with ratios, and risk and
return values.
• Use articles/trade comments to support your case.
• What recommendations would you offer to improve
Please ensure that you add both fund fact sheets to your
assessment when uploading your work as one document only
Format This activity must meet the following formatting
• Font size 12
• Double-spaced
• 2,000 words +/- 10%
• Harvard Referencing System
• pdf only
Goal(s) The aim of the assessment is to demonstrate a thorough grasp
of the concepts of portfolio management
Due date Date: Monday, August 23rd, 2021
Time: 14.00hrs
Weight towards
final grade
This activity has a weight of 40% towards the final
A thorough understanding of financial statements and the concepts of
risk and return
The demonstration of a comprehensive grasp of assets and how they
criteria Please refer to the rubric, in the next page.
Exceptional 90-100 Good 80-89 Fair 70-79 Marginal fail 60-69
Knowledge &
Student produces a
portfolio which
demonstrates excellent
understanding of key
concepts of risk and return.
Student produces a
portfolio which is only
partly justified but provides
a fair spread of risk and
Student produces a
portfolio which lacks
justification and an
appropriate spread of risk
and return
Student provides neither
the correct number nor
type of funds and omits to
justify the selection of
Application (30%) Student applies his grasp
of the subject matter with
the correct choice of funds
and balanced portfolio.
Detailed justification of
fund selection is evident.
Student applies relevant
knowledge to the choice of
some of the funds
More detailed justification
is required.
Student applies some
relevant knowledge but the
fund selection is limited
and unconvincing. Key
omissions are evident in
the justification of the
choice of funds.
Student neither chooses
the correct number of
funds nor an inappropriate
spread of investment.
Evaluation (30%)
Student critically assesses
the choice of funds through
detailed evaluation of fund
selection and is able to
substantiate convincingly
the rate of return on
There is clear evidence of
critical evaluation by the
student of some but not all
of the funds within the
portfolio. A clear effort to
research investments is
Student provides only a
few insights into fund
selection, in respect of risk
and return and a lack of
research is evident.
Student shows little or no
critical thinking insights
and this is reflected in the
choice of portfolio.
Communication (20%) Student communicates
their ideas extremely
clearly and concisely,
respecting word count,
grammar and spellcheck
Student communicates
their ideas clearly and
concisely, respecting word
count, grammar and
Student communicates
their ideas with some
clarity and concision. It
may be slightly over or
under the wordcount limit.
Some spelling errors may
be evident.
Student communicates
their ideas in a somewhat
unclear and unconcise
manner. Does not reach or
exceed wordcount and
spelling errors are evident.

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