Health Technology Discussion Question

minimum of 300 words for EACH DISCUSSION TOPIC ​by 12/26/2020.​ All posts and replies must contain ​at least (2) professional references for each topic​, ​properly cited in the current APA format​.

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Discussion topic #1: Patient Records Discussion (4) Topic: Electronic Health Records (EHR) have truly changed everything in US healthcare. But like any major change in healthcare, there are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Please discuss the benefits of EHR implementation, and also discuss the EHR challenges which are being encountered. Discussion topic #2: Quality Patient Records Discussion (5)

Select one of the following:

● Inpatient Records ● Outpatient Records (I will pick this one!) ● Physician Office Records

Topic: Based upon your own practice setting, or your desired practice setting, discuss the key components of the patient record. What makes a thorough and high-quality patient record in your setting?

Discussion #3: Indexes and Registries Discussion (6)

Topic: Explain the use of Indexes and Registries in healthcare today. Then, select any one Index or Registry of special interest to yourself, and discuss its utilization and importance in US healthcare.

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