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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic The Issue of Lying. In other words, they are the biggest liars in the world. However, those who are constantly trying to point out the exact nature of lying and the ethical assumptions thereof are likely to be close to getting the truth right. Jack Willer just reminds readers that this talk is everlasting and dealing with white lies leads to worse lies that spring up eventually. This cycle is also never-ending. People generate the flow of lies thinking they can shift everyones expectations for better. In this vein, Willer asks a partially rhetoric question, namely: Am I able to ever speak the truth (Willer 81)? Given that, it becomes vital for everyone making it not a conundrum anymore and willing to get rid of some ethical concerns haunting people down every single day. To say more, the fight between a man and his/her consciousness is constantly growing. One can assume it as a way toward humane and morale. However, it is better to say that the poem by Willer generates the deepest feeling in an honorable man able to state all pros and cons in his character. A simple re-evaluation of such an elementary truth of lying gives one a powerful drive to the right decision-making afterwards. Probably, some of the readers were able to pinpoint their personalities throughout the poem or make it pretty close to their understanding of where the error happened once. Nevertheless, the life goes on, and the open-minded people are the ones to get Willers message quite seriously. The article Lying by Tim C. Mazur constitutes the same issue raised by Jack Willer, but from the philosophical point of view. His comment on the issue starts from the obvious.

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