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Rymario Armstrong

Park University

MBA576 Operations Management

Dr. Kevin Loy









This document provides a clear definition of tasks and activities for Kibby and strand, a clothing manufacturing company that produces various types of clothes such as initial bids, ordering raw materials, producing clothing, and shipping them to customers. This document will include the organization’s mission, objectives, goals, process flow, organizational charts, and any other assumptions. The document will be published to the existing and the newly employed workforce so that they can understand the organization’s operational process.

Mission: provides world-class quality clothing products to retailers across the country through commitment towards innovation and continuous process improvement for the customers.

Objectives: Kibby and Strand’s organization’s operational strategy is to offer customers products and services that are of high quality and to ensure they get them on or before the requested delivery date. Kibby and Strands are dedicated to research and innovation to stay ahead of their immediate competitors since they are new in the textile industry. The organization base its focus on staying ahead of the latest fashion trends through processing a variety of quality designs with a target of attracting new customers as the organization grows.

Goals:  ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, Process products and deliver them before or on deadline time lead and enhance the development of the fashion and textile industry, be pioneers in the textile industry by investing in people and technology, and manufacture products at low cost.

Other assumptions: fashion and textile raw material will always be available with excess supply, the demand for fashion and textile products will always be a must in the society, and machine technology will continue to improve results to more efficient product and lower cost equipment.

Organizational chart









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