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Description Student Essay What activities such as internships, club membership or accomplishments during your college or post graduate years demonstrate your interest in pharmacy—-particularly the community pharmacy and retail health industry? How does your interest align with the corporate brand of CVS’ goal to help people on their path to better health? Please prepare an essay between 500-700 words.     A little bit about me, i am currently in pharmacy school, class of 2024. i have worked for CVS retail pharmacy for 2 years prior to pharmacy school, i no longer work at CVS at this time.  i have always known i wanted to be a pharmacist right from high school, i took pharmacy tech courses in high school and in college i majored in biology (prepharmacy). got my associate degree in 2019 and than pharmacy school which i just started this month. during undergrad i was in national honor society, i was in pre health organization.  i volunteered at old folks day care to pay with day   (creatively write and makeup things add whatever to make the paper look good, i will adjust) thanks in advance.

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