How to Write a Thesis Statement for An Argumentative Essay

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Learn how to craft a thesis statement for your argumentative essay with this comprehensive guide. It is essential to carefully read and promptly apply the insights you gain. Many students struggle with creating a flawless argumentative thesis statement, but once you understand how to approach it from a professor’s perspective, it becomes much simpler.

Within this guide, we will teach you how to construct a thesis statement for any type of argument. Even if you have never written an essay before, the tips presented in this article will prove valuable.

What Is a Thesis Statement in an Argumentative Essay?

Typically consisting of one or two sentences and positioned towards the end of your introduction, a thesis statement provides a concise summary of the core message of your argument. Since everything you write in the body paragraphs of your argumentative essay should relate back to the central theme in your thesis, you must craft your summary in a manner that ensures utmost clarity regarding the subject at hand.

In essence, a strong thesis statement for your argumentative essay should possess the following qualities:

  • Succinct: Avoid unnecessary verbosity; use only the words required to convey your points effectively. One or two sentences should suffice.
  • Cohesive: Even if your thesis statement touches upon various aspects of the main topic, ensure they coalesce to express a unified idea.
  • Debatable: A thesis statement based solely on facts or personal opinion is inadequate. Your audience may not share your subjective viewpoint, and restating known facts adds no value. Instead, focus on a claim that invites objective analysis and demands evidence for support. In the case of an argumentative essay, the thesis should open the door to debate. If your thesis meets these criteria, it will pique your instructor’s (or audience’s) interest and prompt them to read the rest of your essay to comprehend your stance on the topic and the rationale behind it.

When Should I Craft the Thesis Statement?

While some students prefer to write their initial thesis after completing the essay, this approach may not be suitable for everyone as it can be challenging to align the thesis with the arguments presented or capture the statement’s essence adequately.

The most advisable approach is to draft your initial thesis before commencing your argumentative essay. Begin by identifying your essay’s topic, determining what you wish to convey about it, and formulating a clear thesis that provides direction and structure for your essay.

How to Initiate a Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay

Now that you know the opportune moment to construct your thesis statement for an argument, let’s explore how to formulate a functional thesis without undue difficulty.

Begin by posing a question and crafting a pertinent answer. Examine the essay prompt for any existing questions or, if absent, formulate one yourself. Your question should reflect your interest in exploring both sides of the argument. Asking yourself a question serves as an excellent starting point for developing a thesis for the assignment. Subsequently, endeavor to provide a relevant answer to the question. Depending on your familiarity with the topic, you may need to conduct some initial research to arrive at a satisfactory answer. However, if you are already well-acquainted with the subject, a brief research effort should yield a tentative response.

What Constitutes an Effective Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay?

A strong thesis statement for an argumentative essay should be clear, concise, and descriptive. Consider adopting a firm stance within your thesis, making it easy to persuade your audience that your arguments are not only grounded in evidence but also supported by objective reasoning that is difficult to refute. Merely taking a position is insufficient; your statement should elucidate why you hold that particular viewpoint. To bolster the persuasiveness of your claim, provide a summary of the primary points you intend to explore and elaborate on in the essay’s body paragraphs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place the thesis statement in an argumentative essay?

Your thesis statement should be positioned at the conclusion of the introduction. Ideally, it should consist of one sentence, though you can extend it to two sentences if you have additional pertinent thoughts to convey.

How many words should my thesis statement contain?

In terms of word count for the thesis statement in an argumentative essay, aim to keep it concise, with 30 to 80 words per sentence. If you opt for two sentences, the thesis should range between 60 and 80 words.

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