I need help with a Business Statistics projectThis is the assignment info:Hi everyone, the guidelines for this project are contained in the following file: Statistic Project Guidelines

Statistic Project Guidelines For this data analysis project, you will address some question that interests you with the statistical methodology that you have learned in this MGMT 3345. The best questions are ones that are important (and interesting) to you (because you care about finding the right answer). The questions can be something from work, school, or other aspect of your life. And they can be drawn from medicine, public policy, sport, economics, etc. So, you will choose the question, you decide how to collect data, and you will clean the data and do the analysis. (The questions can address almost any topic, although I have veto power). NOTE:I am fine if you are piggy-backing off of another project you have done this semester (or prior semesters), but it cant already be done. There will have to be a significant component that is added to it. We can normally work this outjust see me. You should work in groups of two to three people on the project. Please see me to approve a larger or smaller group. [NOTE:Please enter the members of your on the Google Doc here ] Things to include in your data analysis: Logistics:Project should be 12-pt font, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins all the way around. Use section headers. Put two rows between paragraphs. (See the sample report I have loaded to Canvas. Note that that report doesnt have any charts, but I find that charts can be very useful. I assume paper will be between 4-6 pages before tables and charts are added. (If its going to be a lot longer or shorter than that, come see me). Tables and charts can either be incorporated into the body of the report or put together at the end. Other Logistics: Canvas should allow you to upload multiple files (as shown). If not, please combine the files into a single Zip file and upload the zip file. Appendix A. Project Grading Rubric NOTE:I will subtract points if there are no page numbers! Appendix B. Examples of Tables that Describe the Variables Used in the Study NOTE: This is from a table I created for a journal article. (CVC = Corporate venture capital, when large firms make equity investments in startups.) I anticipate that you will only have 4-5 variables in your regressions. Appendix C. Some tables of Descriptive Statistics NOTE: These are tables of descriptive statistics from real journal articles, so are overkill for this project. However, I show them to give you an idea of what they can look like Bottom Quartile is 25th percentile. Top Quartile is 75th percentile. (Use Percentile() or Percentile.EXC function in Excel). NOTE: Labels that dollar values are in millions NOTE: Percent shown as percent. I like how this table indicates whether the variable is a percentage (%), that Education is measured in years, and that GDP per capita is in constant 2005 US dollars. 2

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