Identify a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed journal articles for this assignment, and provide annotated notes for each reference

Running head: OUTLINE AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 0 The Outline Annotated Bibliography According to this source, racism has been a problem in the US, and it has led to a rift between the blacks and the whites. Segregation of race led to inequalities in the society, and this made the blacks to conduct themselves in a different way to prevent them from messing up with the authorities. The inequalities are viewed as a key factor that led to bad relationships between the police and the blacks in the US. African Americans discourage police conduct because of the fear of being brutalized. Racism is a key factor in police brutality. This source views New York City as a hot spot for police brutality. In New York City, police brutality is not a new thing as it started a long time ago. The use of excessive power by the police in the New York State has been rampant mostly on African Americans. Police brutality happens mostly in areas where the population of blacks is high, and New York State is one of these places. In America, the skin color of a citizen can determine how the police can treat them. According to this source in America, the police kill more people compared to other first world countries. A study in 2015 showed that the police officers harm five blacks for every one Caucasian citizen they brutalize. Police brutality in the US kills the blacks at the rate of 31.17 for everyone million black people and kills the whites at the rate of 1.47 for every million whites. At least 102 black people who are unarmed are killed by the police twice a weak. According to this source, police brutality refers to the violation of the civil rights where police officers apply force against the citizens, which is excess. It can be verbal or physical harassment causing damage to property, injury to individuals, or even death. One of the laws that are against police brutality is Title 6 of the civil rights act, which makes it illegal for police officers to discriminate against citizens on the basis of gender, race, nationality, or religion. Crime control and due process represent two other perfect cases of criminal justice. One might tell they are extremes on the continuum. The part of crime power is to take the offender off the street and to defend the innocent. This due process framework of criminal justice is like the obstacle way. You have to make going through legal obstacles to guarantee in the long run. You judge the good person. In Canada these police tend toward crime power and that courts tend toward the due process. -the crime control framework and the expected process framework represent two distinct yet similar models. This cost described by Herbert Pecker, and this are used in the criminal justice process. Nevertheless, how valuable are these simulations at the criminal justice process? And is it essential for us to take both models, which to the point perform the same results?

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