Creating an Outline for Option 1

Watch one of the following films:

  • First Knight (1995). This is a story of the romance between Lancelot and Guinevere.


Each of these films highlights the torments and triumphs of love. You can focus on forbidden love, platonic love, unrequited love, or familial love. In the film you chose, examine how the theme of love is intertwined with another theme, such as marriage, family, desire, social class, and friendship. Analyze three relationships in the film to show how the two themes are intertwined.

Use this thesis template:

In the film ____First Knight______, the theme of love is intertwined with the theme of _desire___, as demonstrated by the relationships of Lancelot-Guinevere, Guinevere- Arthur, and Arthur-Lancelot.


Instructions:  Write complete sentences to fill in the items below.

Introduction: This is where you will gain your reader’s attention, introduce your topic, and provide your thesis statement.


·     Identify the film you are analyzing and give a brief description of the characters you are analyzing.

·     Give a brief explanation of the two themes you are addressing and why it is interesting to look at these themes together.

·     Remember to avoid the first-person point of view (I, me, my, our, ours) and the second-person point of view (you, your, yours) in formal writing.


The film First Knight revolves around three major characters named Lancelot, who is a skilled swordsman, Guinevere, who is the young ruler of Lyonesse; and Arthur, who is the king of Camelot.

In this film, the themes of Forbidden love and Desire intertwined with each other because the female lead is split between her desire to protect her ruling area and to achieve her desire, i.e., her love Lancelot. This film is a depiction of selflessness Forbidden love between Guinevere and Lancelot. Even though Guinevere Gave up for love for her desire to protect her ruling area, Lancelot is still protecting her.


Thesis Statement (fill in the blanks on the right): In the film _First Knight____, the theme of love is intertwined with the theme of __desire___, as demonstrated by the relationships of Lancelot-Guinevere, Guinevere- Arthur, and Arthur-Lancelot. (You will determine three pairs of characters in support of your thesis, and they will become the topics of your three body paragraphs.).



Body Paragraphs: This is where you will develop each of the points in your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph 1: Elaborate on the first point in your thesis statement. Topic Sentence: Guinevere and Lancelot turn their love into Forbidden love as Guinevere decided to follow her desire to protect Lyonesse by marrying Arthur.

Detail 1: Guinevere’s Love and admiration for King Arthur make her decide to marry him while keeping the love of Lancelot in her heart.

Example: Both Guinevere and King Arthur get married.

Detail 2: Guinevere followed her desire to protect her people as Arthur was the one who could do that with his power.

Example: Escort of Guinevere to Camelot after Malagant’s ambush

Concluding Sentence: Guinevere made a decision that she as a ruler should protect her people by keeping her personal love and desire aside; hence decided to marry Arthur.




Body Paragraph 2: Elaborate on the second point in your thesis statement. Topic Sentence: Guinevere and Lancelot fell in love with each other at their first interaction, but Guinevere, out of her duty and desire to protect people, rejects Lancelot.


Detail 1: While protecting Guinevere from Malagant’s attack, Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, and Guinevere also feels attraction towards him.


Malagant’s attack was aimed at kidnapping Guinevere which failed due to Lancelot making both of them get attracted to each other.

Detail 2: Guinevere, out of her desire to protect her people, stay away from Lancelot and rejects his affection.


Rejection of Lancelot’s affection at various points and the Knight showed courtesy to Guinevere.


Concluding Sentence: Both Lancelot and Guinevere are attracted to each other, but Guinevere’s desire and her commitment to King Arthur make her reject Lancelot’s affection.



Body Paragraph 3: Elaborate on the third point in your thesis statement. Topic Sentence: Both Arthur and Lancelot love Guinevere with their sincere desire to protect her at all costs.


Detail 1: Lancelot, for the love he has for Guinevere, takes the attack of Malagant and tries to protect Arthur from their attack.


Lancelot takes the attack bravely when Malagant ambushed King Arthur to take kingship by killing Arthur.


Detail 2: Both Lancelot and King Arthur have a desire to protect their love, Guinevere.


Both try to save Guinevere from Malagant when she was abducted by him and when Malagant is attacked. Arthur finally asks Lancelot a while before his death to protect her Guinevere.


Concluding Sentence: Both men truly loved and desired the relation with Guinevere as they both loved her sincerely.






Conclusion: This is where you will summarize the main points you’ve presented and include your final thoughts. Don’t introduce new information here! End with reminding your reader of your thesis (paraphrased, not repeated).




·     Paraphrase your thesis


·     Summarize the main points of each body paragraph


·     Leave your reader with a sense of closure.

The film First Knight showed the themes of forbidden love and desire of the main characters.

The three main pairs, i.e., Lancelot-Guinevere, Guinevere- Arthur, and Arthur-Lancelot, followed a path that led them to the fulfillment of their desire to achieve their love.

The love and sacrifices shown in the film are still alive in this materialistic world? The sense of justice and respect are shown in old texts like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, where the characters kept their word and fulfilled their promises is very less in this era. It is because of the materialistic approach that most things are let gone to protect ourselves.


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