Need an research paper on hopes of banking, hotel, food and other areas at the olympic games in london

Need an research paper on hopes of banking, hotel, food and other areas at the olympic games in london. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. From the Olympic organizing committee Gurgaon-Based, Luca Wines is set to toast the London Olympics. This is a good platform for advertisement of the firm considering their products will be supplied in restaurants and hotels. Besides, a public limited firm that will benefit from the London Olympics is British Airways, which is the aviation transport industry. Many of the athletes are likely to use the reputable airlines services to and fro the country. Going by the state of the economy and the companies that fall in every category, GlaxoSmithKline plc is one of the firms that are set to be affected directly from the London, 2012 Olympics. The firm falls in the manufacturing sector under the pharmaceutical industry. The company produces a variety of products for common ailments such as virus control, infections, mental health, a digestive condition, and asthma. Notably, in the primary sector firms in the agricultural and fishing industry sector will have a lot to benefit due to their sensitivity in terms of food production and supply. The tertiary sector has various firms that will be affected by the London 2012 Olympics. In fact, the banking and other service sectors such as hotel management and hospitality sector. For example, Barclay’s bank has a lot to benefit from the London Olympics. Considering the fact that many potential visitors have access to the bank services in their countries of origin and that the bank is internationally recognized, there is a likelihood that many transactions are set to be dispensed through the bank.

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