Need help with my writing homework on The Chinese Maze Murders, Feudalism, Chinese Universities in the Middle Ages

Need help with my writing homework on The Chinese Maze Murders, Feudalism, Chinese Universities in the Middle Ages. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The implication of the statement is that a person might receive different treatment according to the family background that they come from. The death penalty is very common in this society, and it seems to be performed as a public spectacle. As it turns out, Yoo Kee is ultimately killed with a knife and then sliced to pieces in front of a watching crowd (Van Gulik 305). Another surprising aspect of life in the time of Judge Dee is that it is quite acceptable for men to have three or four wives, and these seem to be organized in a strict hierarchy, with a First Lady who is in charge, and the others following after with lower rank. There is clearly a lot of competition and resentment within families because of this, and it may be that many of the crimes committed out of love are caused by this situation. There must have been many younger men who could not find a legal partner because the women are all taken by older, richer and more powerful men. The marriages are also arranged for political or financial reasons, and this makes it very difficult, especially for the women, who have no choice in the matches made for them. I would not like to live in this society because of the high level of violence that existed, both from criminals, and from government officials, and because of the very strict separation between different gender roles. The contrast between Dark Orchid and her sister White Orchid illustrates this point perfectly: Dark Orchid is criticized because she is headstrong and should have been born a boy while her sister is praised for being quiet and obedient and having a soft, pliable character (Van Gulik 135). The ideal woman just does what she is told, while any girl with a mind of her own is seen as less attractive.&nbsp.

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