Personal Statement Format: A Student’s Guide With Examples

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Interns, job seekers, and graduates will write personal statements to showcase their skills and career targets.

Even though personal statements target specific questions and follow a given type of format, they vary depending on the institution being written to.

From this post, you are going to learn how to create your statement using the right format.

What is a Correct Personal Statement Format?

When writing a personal statement, consider adhering to the standard set of guidelines that will help format and structure your personal statement.

That way your statement will look neat and all the information perfectly organized.

Consider following the basic guidelines provided below in case you don’t know how to format a personal statement.

As you write down your personal statement ensure your paragraphs are single-spaced throughout the entire document

  • Make your statement as brief as possible but informative, the recommended number of words is 500 maximum (4,000 characters). Stick to the word count no matter the type of personal statement you are writing. Generally, the best idea would be to make your word count 495 to 505.
  • Consider using Times New Roman or Calibri as your font style throughout the statement. The appropriate font size would be 12pt for whichever font style you choose.
  • Don’t forget to include your name and page number on your statement’s header.

How to Format a Personal Statement

Although requirements for writing a personal statement vary, all of them follow the same type of format. See the format provided below:


The introduction is the first step you take when writing a personal statement.

This is the point where you kick off with opening statements that grab the attention of your reader.

This section will have a summary of who you are and connect you to the program you are applying to.

Remember to mention the degree position or the program you are applying for.

Body Paragraphs

From this section, you will answer queries that deal with your compactness with the program, qualifications, and targets.

Every paragraph you come up with ought to start with a topic sentence followed by a brief explanation clarifying what it touches on.

This is also the part where you include your experiences to back your argument but make sure your experiences are relevant.


In this section, you are supposed to summarize all the points explained in the body and show your interest in the position or program.

Don’t forget to tell the reader how the program or position is a step toward your targets.

Example of Personal Statements

This is the right place if you are looking for various types of personal statements. You can also find samples of personal statements online to get an idea of how to write the best personal statement.

Nonetheless, discussed below are the various kinds of personal statements you may find useful:

Medical School Personal Statement

With a medical personal statement, you get a chance to tell the person admitting you the reasons behind your wanting to study medicine, why they should consider your application, and what difference you will make.

You can also include a Graduate School personal statement to boost your creativity and chances of being accepted.

Graduate School Personal Statement

Students who have just finished a course of study are often asked to mail in their personal statements.

With the statement, the admission committee can learn more about the candidate requesting a chance.

Personal Statement Law School

As you write your personal statement, make sure everything is written well and in the right format.

That is because it’s the best way to touch on your life. The law admission committee gets a picture of who you are when you reflect on your life.

Personal Statement for Masters

With a personal statement for masters, you will be able to describe your reasons for wanting to study a given course.

Personal Statement for Job

As the name suggests, this statement is by people seeking employment. It is supposed to sell the job seeker.

The bone in search of a job is supposed to give reasons why he or she is fit for the job than the others.

Write down a statement that is specific, interesting, and engaging. Don’t forget to indicate things you will offer if given the opportunity.

Personal Statement for College

High school leavers write this statement to college admission officers. From this statement, the students introduce themselves and provide reasons why they think they are meant for the school.

As you write a personal statement for College, don’t forget to touch on your main achievements and experiences.

Nursing School Personal Statement

A nursing personal school statement is yet another important aspect of a nursing school application.

This statement gives you a chance to detail yourself and give answers to possible questions the admission committee might have for you.

Personal Statement for University

A University personal statement is also a document of importance because with it you can tell the admission committee why you think you are a perfect student for their University.

MBA Personal Statement

With the MBS personal statement, you will be able to tell the admission committee why they should let you take the MBA degree cause from their institution.

Writing a good personal statement is never easy  – preparing an application that might kill your chances of getting a scholarship, a job, or joining a College or University of your dreams with just a mistake is never easy.

Most applicants who fail and miss this lifetime opportunity are the ones who don’t express themselves well enough You can always refer to the personal statement examples provided above when writing a personal statement. 

That way, your statement will follow the right formatting guidelines. Don’t submit your statement just yet! Consider reading it a couple of times to identify and eliminate typos for a better flow.

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