Pop-culture linkage

Pop Culture Linkage

Pop Culture Linkage

Pop culture refers to cultural products such as dance film literature, television or art that are consumed by the majority of the society. Pop culture play an important part in shaping society and provide an insight how the various characteristics and trends within a given cultural contexts. In the American society an important element of pop culture is television and television shows to be more precise. Television shows that provide a glimpse into the American workplace environment such The Officer provides an inside perspective into the management of human resources as it covers various HR concepts. The paper below provides an in-depth discussion into the link between The Office as a popular culture artifact and week five topic on managing diversity.

The week five readings provide a discussion on how to effectively manage diversity within the public organizational environment. Diversity is defined as the quality of differences in attributes and non-observable differences. The management of diversity calls for the implementation of efforts such as promotion and compensation based on special skills, initiative and performance on the job (Week 2019). An example of managing diversity within the public organization environment involves hiring a diverse workforce or providing sexual orientation training as part of diversity training. By accommodating marginalized groups within the organizational environment a public organization can manage diversity effectively. Policy mandates such as Executive Order 13583 require that federal agencies provided the specific diversity and inclusion strategies plans to the government bodies such as the US office of Personnel management (Week 2019). The week 5 readings explore key concepts related to diversity issues such as sticky-floors, glass walls and glass elevator. The glass ceiling is defined a barrier that prevents the advancement of minorities to higher levels of management while sticky floor concept explores the idea that minorities with qualifications are prevented from being promoted (Week 2019). The need for diversity is evidenced by its ability to promote greater services delivery in addition to enhancing productivity and efficiency within the organization. Creativity and enhanced understanding of different groups is another benefit to the management of diversity within the public sector.

The Office is a television show the aired between 2005 and 2013 and depicts the everyday activities of the employees at a fictional paper company called Dunder Mifflin Paper Company (Imdb, 2013). The film takes the audience through the crazy antics of the employees at the company. The cast consists of actors from different races, ethnicities and cultures as there are African Americans, whites, women and Asians (Imdb, 2013).. The diverse group of characters tackle the various issues that need to be addressed by most public organizations such as the gender pay gap. It is evident that most of the managers are male and this is evidenced by the fact that Dwight Schrute is the assist regional manager of the company and the highest ranking salesman and Michael Scott played by Steve Carell is also male (Imdb, 2013).. Most of the men hold key positions within the hierarchy of the organization while women. Gender pay gap is also explored in this film with women in the office such as Pam Beesly is paid the same Jim within the show.

The film The Office is strongly linked to the topic of managing diversity as evidenced in Week 5. Week 5 readings identify the concept of the glass ceiling in which women and other minorities experience an artificial barrier that prevents them from rising to position of power (Week 2019). In the film The Office women such as Erin Hannon who has worked as an office receptionist at the Scration branch has not risen to any position since she joined the company and having worked for years at the branch (Imdb, 2013). The film therefore provides a visual contest to understanding how the galas ceiling is evidenced within pop culture. Angela Martin as well does not get promoted nor receive the corner office she wanted and this is linked to the concept of sticky floor. Week 5 readings identifies that the sticky floor concept is one that occurs when minorities have the competencies but fail to achieve the promotions they desire (Week 2019).

Another link between the week 5 readings and The Office is the focus on sexual harassments. Sexual harassments is prohibited by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as defined by the Week 5 readings (Week 2019). In the film The Office Michael Scott is forced by the corporation to talk to his subordinates about the issue of sexual harassments after an employee named Rudy resigned (Imdb, 2013). The linkage here highlights that the topic of sexual harassments is one that shows up in films and in educational context identifying the need to address this issue within the context of the public organizational environment. The link highlights that managing effective management requires the implementation of measures aimed at preventing and mitigating sexual harassments within the work environment.

Another link between the week 5 concepts and The Office is the understanding that hiring a diverse workforce is essential to managing diversity. Week 5 notes point to the hiring of a diverse workforce by the New York City Police Department as an attempt to manage diversity. The Office shows a diverse workforce operating within the fictional company (Week 2019). There are women, young and old employees and racial minorities such as African Americas and Asians (Imdb, 2013). The Office further supports different sexual orientations within the workplace as the boss Michael Scott points out that Oscar is gay. The weekly readings identify the value of providing sensitivity training as an approach to manage diversity. The film the Office has an entire episode dedicated to sensitivity training with the employees noting that their boss has been using degrading language to the employees.

The film The Office is strongly linked to the week 5 readings on the management of diversity. The film shows the dynamics of the various employees and how they interact. The concepts explored in the weekly readings as evidenced within the show such as the sticky floor and the glass ceiling where minorities are prevented from rising up the corporate ladder. Concepts such as sexual harassments in the class readings are also explored in depth in the film. An additional concept linked to the week 5 readings evidenced in the film is that of hiring a diverse workforce. Sensitivity training is an approach to manage diversity and this is well evidenced within the film.

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