Assignment: Closer examination of a Civil Rights Leader or Event

Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to introduce to the student a closer appreciation of either a Civil Rights Leader during the Civil Rights Movement or a significant Civil Right Movement event. This can vary but must be approved by the instructor. This assignment will be completed in the form of a power point presentation and must be placed in the drop box designated in Learning Studio. The assignment must adhere to the following specifications. A presentation must be a minimum of eight slides and no more than ten slides. See rubric for details and requirements. IT MUST BE RELAYED THAT SPEAKER’S NOTES WILL BE CRITICAL AND REQUIRED!!!!!!!


Examples of a leader could range from a national leader like MLK or a local leader like WW Law. Events could include a national protest like Rosa Parks and the Bus Event or a local “sit in” event on Broughton Street. You will have flexibility, but topic must be approved. No approval, no acceptance, thu

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