Project Management-At the testing stage of the project

Question 11 At the testing stage of the project, you are viewing the list of items that need to be validated. The tests have been categorized according to scope aspects, which include functionality, system outputs, performance, and so on. This set of tests include load testing, which is to confirm if the product still functions without breaking under specified extreme conditions. What scope aspect is this test set validating? a. Functionality b. Reliability c. Performance d. Maintainability Question 12 Choosing the right supplier and negotiating the right contract is important. Which one of the following does not have any bearing on this task? a. StHaving a clear understanding of what needs to be bought b. Asking multiple companies to compete for the opportunity to supply c. Verifying previous experiences of the companies prior to final selection d. Knowing the ethnic background of the company shortlisted to be a potential supplier Question 13 Projects require a lot of documentation. However, many intelligent people have a hard time writing a performance report or preparing a 10 minute technical presentation for a customer review. What can make it easier for project team members who have never had to write project documents to repetitively create commonly required documents? a. Discussions b. Brainstorming c. Templates d. Mirroring Question 14 Communication is among the more important factors for success in project management. What change should management consider to improve an organizations ability to communicate? a. Personnel b. Technological c. Process d. Cultural Question 15 Use of project management within organizations has increased because it brings many advantages. Which one of the following is not an advantage emanating from good project management? a. Lower borrowing costs b. Increased customer satisfaction c. Higher staff productivity d. Better quality of output Question 16 A project manager has to decide whether to purchase or lease an equipment. To purchase, the investment cost is $5,000 and the daily cost is $25. On the other hand, the daily lease cost is $125. When will the lease cost match the purchase cost? a. 50 b. 75 c. 100 d. 125 Question 17 It is important for project managers to get sufficient user input while preparing the project scope documents. This will avoid expensive scope changes and increase customer satisfaction. Which one of the following is a disadvantage in getting good user input? a. Regular meetings between users and project teams b. Email is the primary mode of communication between project team and users c. Project sponsor comes from the user organization d. Users embedded in the project team Question 18 The items at the lowest level of the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) are the work packages. The following options except one are reasons for defining the work package at the proper level. Which option does not belong to this list? a. To assign responsibility b. To evaluate the quality of the results c. To estimate the cost of resources required d. To estimate the effort required Question 19 In the planning stage of a project, the project manager decides that procurement management is not required in the project. What was the reason for this decision? a. Bad experience in working with outside suppliers b. All resource requirements are already met internally c. Environment is not suitable for procurement d. Team members do not like to get outside help Question 20 Which type of cost-reimbursable contract is prohibited for U.S. government use? a. Cost plus percentage of costs contract b. Cost plus award fee contract c. Cost plus fixed fee contract d. Cost plus incentive fee contract

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