Provide a 11 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparative Analysis of Two Educational Research Studies

Provide a 11 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparative Analysis of Two Educational Research Studies. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper compares the obstacles and difficulties that the researches faced while conducting their studies. In this regard, the paper presents a brief overview of both the studies and then proceeds towards their comparative analysis to show the seminaries and differences of these studies. The research study Boys, Girls, and Achievement: Addressing the Classroom Issues by Becky Francis is commonly used for classroom management and teacher training (Stephen, 2002, p18). The main objective of the study is to discuss the gender identity affecting the educational achievements of the students. The research study addresses the gender gap found in educational achievement and it is regarded as one of the useful studies conducted around the topic that allows having a very clear reflection of the issue. The work is done carefully and thoughtfully to presents a thorough analysis that deals with the gender identities of the students in the classrooms. The study also unfolds some strategies that can assist the teachers to improve the educational performance of girls and boys. The research study is an important attempt to provide evidence-based proofs regarding the underachievement of boys at GCSE level (Stephens, 2002, p98). In the end, the researcher also gives some valuable suggestions to the teachers so that they can improve their classroom strategies and can deal with gender identities more effectively. On the other hand, the research study Choice, Pathways and Transitions, Post-16 conducted by Stephen Ball, Meg Maguire, and Sheila Macrae is focused upon the lives of the young people living in the global city. The research report basically describes the life of the young people living in a modern city at the turn of the 21st century and the core problem encountered by the youth of that time is deeply discussed in the study with reference to certain theories and existing research studies. There is a wide range of problematic issues covered in the research study (Colley, 2003, p15). Furthermore, the study put forward some policy issues that aim to address and assist the authorities in their policymaking process related to the education system.

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