Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparison of Standard English Spoken in Pakistan and in Britain

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparison of Standard English Spoken in Pakistan and in Britain. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This is especially true in the former colonies of England and France whose colonial languages have remained indispensable even after their independence and often in spite of outright hostility to the political and cultural values that the European languages represent (Baugh&amp.Cable, 1993). England began to set up colonies in Africa and Asia in the 1600s, and the British East India Company was established for trading purposes in 1600. Its main interests were in India – including what is now Bangladesh and Pakistan… (Gelderen, 2006 P.250). Britain wanted to make smooth the running of their rule and wanted that people should know English if they wanted to take up government jobs. So we may say that English reached Pakistan as a result of the colonization by England started in the 16th century. After the independence, Pakistan still used the English language. Regarding the Standard English used in Pakistan and in Britain, one feels that there is not much data available showing their relation, and this fact makes it difficult for the researchers to have an authentic view over it. Anyway, different studies have been taken place attempting to find out the similarities between BE and PE (British English and Pakistan English). It is common knowledge that the comparison of a language with another involves the comparison of their grammar, lexis, syntax, morphology and other features. Only after analyzing them separately, a researcher can infer whether there are similarities or spot out the influence of one on the other. As stated earlier, it is evident that English language came to Pakistan through colonization, and even after colonization they preached it. An online article entitled, History Pakistani English makes an effective evaluation over the PE and finds several differences that it has with BE. It observes the following disparities. According to this article, Syntactically, Pakistani English differs from British&nbsp.

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