Response Week 7

If I was a manager at a Brick-and-Mortar store of my choosing, I would choose Walmart. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there are a lot of precautions that is needed to keep a store of that magnitude running and ensuring the safety of its customers. With the task of keeping customers during this pandemic, using Pricing and Placement, a lot of factors will have to be considered.

For using pricing, I would suggest offering free pick up of online orders for all customers and free delivery for new customers who sign up on online @walmart. Com. By offering free pick up, it will re-assure out loyal customers and new customers that we are taking the pandemic serious and supporting anyone who does not feel comfortable shopping inside our store. We want to make sure that you still receive your Walmart products without having to compromise your safety. For any new customers, getting a chance to have their products delivered for free will also send the same message and a way for us to increase our customers and online shoppers when most businesses maybe suffering during the pandemic.

When using Placement, by having our products available online, in store and delivered to your home during a Pandemic, will help to keep our loyal customers and increase our new customer count due to the variety of products that we order.


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