Sex and Advertising

Sex and Advertising
It is the forbidden that elicits the most desire and this is true of sexual desires of the American population. The sexualization of characters in film especially that which touches on taboo sex is what drives sales. Marketers have realized that to sell anything, integrating sex into the equation is responsible for instant attention from the American public. Humans wants what they cannot have and this is what makes the desire stronger. The advertisements of the popular television show named Lucifer have been designed sexualize the devil and make him appealing to the audience whose lust would generate interest into the show. The craving for everything that is taboo is the reason for the rise in sexualized popular creatures that elicits the strong urge to consume such content.
Lucifer the Series

The forbidden is what people crave for the most. In this advertisements the protagonist plays the role of the devil in who is shirtless in this case carrying the female detective he works with. The premise of the series is that the detective falls in love with the devil despite knowing who he is. What makes this advertisement sexual is that the forbidden relationship between the devil and the detective. The reason for this sexual appeal is best described by Marche when he noted that the craving for fiction is evidence of America’s acceptance with freakiness. The ad shows the devil and his magnificent wings without any shirt displaying the magnificently curved body of the actor. The romanticization of the devil with no shirt carrying a woman in his arms ignites the urges of those seeking forbidden love.
The fantasies of women drive the creation of hypersexualized content especially in film. In this advert the actor is a handsome, tall and charming person which draws in the attention of most women. The actor embodies all the traits that women find attractive but cannot get in everyday relationships or interactions highlighting why they were the target of this advert. The reason for targeting women is because the make up the majority of the fan base for the show. According to Marche people crave sex that is both dangerous and safe at the same time being risky and comfortable. The fact that the vampire craze was driven largely by the female audience highlights the reason for developing an advertisement with a sexualized man who many cannot gain access to.
Human nature craves what is inaccessible and tempting and this is what informs the creation of sexualized adverts. In this advert the desire is for an intimate relationship with the devil who rather than look ugly with horns, he is a normal human with great looks and additionally beautiful wings. The desire for taboo sex with creatures such as the devil is not wrong as the forbidden nature of such intimacy provokes cravings from the American society who view freakiness as part of sex (Marche) The representation of the devil as a sexy figure in the narrative of the film is what creates this increased interest in these abnormal sexual relations.
Some desires are too dark and too unconventional hence the reason why most people do not express every desire openly. Those who desire such unorthodox relations tend not to express these behaviors in a particular way. However, the watching of pornography with role play attributes where such fantasies are brought to life is one of the major through which people express these desires although privately. The fact that pornography is watched in the confines of privacy means that watching such taboo relations unfold is how these target audience expresses their desires. Marche asserts that everyone is a freak even those who claim they are against such freakiness. Millions watch role-play sex videos of almost everything from the devil to angels and this is what encourages these desires to fester.
The equalization of characters even the devil whom religious contexts define as bad or evil shows the acceptance of freakiness on the part of the American society. Marche argues that the cravings for fiction are not about taste but rather about urges and a symptom of the profound sexual revolution in the united states and the acceptance of freakiness in the American life. Americans are adopting a liberal mindset and are willing to change and take on actions that were traditionally frowned upon. Americans are changing and as Ruiz (302) asserts by the example of Lucy whose blood lust increases after she is turned into a vampire. The American society too has undergone transformation and the freedoms provided by the government have allowed the development of new relations and new insights into addressing the conventional boredoms of being ordinary. Everyone seeks to be extraordinary and the engagement in otherworldly fantasizes gives Americans this opportunity.
Humans desire what they cannot have. The taboo nature of sexual relations with dangerous creatures as vampires and devils is based on this urge to gain access to the forbidden. It is the forbidden nature of relationships between humans and other creatures that makes this enticing,. Everyone is a freak to some level and therefore it is difficult to contain their urges. The advertisements for Lucifer Season 5 was sexualized to attract women who feed their urges by watching the show. The actors are shown half naked further capturing the sexiness of the characters. The more absurd and out of touch something is the greater the craving to engage in such acts.

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