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For this project you will collect and compare quantitative data from two populations. The project will be completed in 2 parts, in which you will use statistical methods to answer the question, Is there a difference between the means of the two populations? You will present your results and conclusions for this second part of project in an essay format that is at least 800 words in length. (For details see Project Format below) Do NOT include definitions or state how to calculate results in your project. State your findings and conclusions in your own words. In Project Check Point: Hypothesis Test & Confidence Interval Output you: Used StatCrunch to generate the appropriate hypothesis test output to test if there is a difference between your two populations. Used StatCrunch to obtain the appropriate 95% confidence interval for the difference between your two populations. In your Project you must discuss the following points regarding your Hypothesis Test and Confidence Interval: Give a brief (approximately one paragraph) overview about the topic you chose for your project. Include the main question you are looking to answer. In one paragraph briefly discuss your conclusions from Part 1 of the project. Did you feel that your two populations were different from each other based on the summary statistics and graphs produced by your samples? How confident were you in your conclusion? Explain your reasoning. State your specific null and alternative hypothesis in symbol form and in sentence form for your hypothesis test. Analyze the results of your hypothesis test. State whether you will reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Explain your reasoning. Discuss what the results mean for your two populations. Do the results of your hypothesis test match your conclusions from the first part of the project? Are you surprised by the results? Why might the conclusions differ? Discuss the confidence interval that you obtained in StatCrunch. What is the plausible range of differences between your two populations? Do these values make sense? What do these results tell you about your populations? Explain your reasoning. Do the results from your confidence interval support your findings from your hypothesis test? Explain your reasoning. Write a brief conclusion discussing what your expectations were at the beginning of the project and how your analysis has changed or supported your initial thoughts. If you were to do this project again are there any changes that you would make (for example how you collected your data, the populations or variable you chose)? Project Formatting 1. On the First page: Before the title of the assignment, include the following information in the upper left hand corner: Your name Course name and your section 2. Text: Use align text left to create text that is flush with the left margin 3. Spacing: Double space your paragraphs 4. Margins: Use 1 inch margins 5. Graphics: Place graphs and results by the relevant discussions. You will be penalized if any graphics are missing. This includes the: Hypothesis test output from StatCrunch Confidence interval output from StatCrunch 6. Length: You should have 800 words of meaningful text, not including the StatCrunch output or data. (Spelling out numbers will be heavily penalized.) If you are using a word count feature, make sure your word processor is not counting the StatCrunch output. 7. General: Since this project is in an essay format be sure to include an introduction and a conclusion. Quality of writing does count so be sure to review your paper for obvious grammatical errors.

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