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Step 1:Once you click each link, you will be logged into the Library and then click on ‘PDF Full Text’. Step 2: Consider the use of confidence intervals in health sciences with these articles as inspiration and insights. Step 3: Using the data you collected for the Week 5 Lab (heights of 10 different people that you work with), discuss your method of collection for the values that you are using in your study. What are some faults with this type of data collection? What other type of data collection could you have used, and how might this have affected your study? Step 4: Now use theWeek 6 Spreadsheet(Links to an external site.)to help you with calculations for the following questions/statements. Step 5: Now, find a 99% confidence interval for the same data. Would the margin of error be larger or smaller for the 99% CI? Explain your reasoning. Step 6: Save the Week 7 Lab document with your answers and include your name in the title. Step 7: Submit the document. Week 5 Lab This study was carried out to determine the height of individuals I work with. To carry out the study, a random sample of 10 co-workers was selected, and their heights measured in inches. According to Feller (2015), the mean is the summation of all data values divided by the number of data values, while standard deviation is the spread of data values from the mean. The mean height of the students was 65.2 inches, and the standard deviation was 2.83 as shown in the table below, Table 1 Having a height of 64.25 inches, the average height of my co-workers in the group was shorter. A random sampling method was used to gather this data. The age range of the workers was 25 years, is the minimum age, and 40 years was the maximum age. Table 2 The collected data showed that there were five males and five females, as shown in the table below. Table 3 Figure 1 The above figure showed that 50% of the selected sample were males and 50% females. The study also comprised the weight of the co-workers where it was observed that the minimum weight of the students in the group was 110 lbs, while the maximum weight was 134 lbs, as indicated in the table below. Table 4 Empirical rule Table 5 Results from table 5 showed, at 1 standard deviation, the mean height of co-workers lied within (65.37,74.43) of the true value. The results also indicated that at 2 standard deviation the mean height of the co-workers lied within (60.83,78.97) while at 3 standard deviation the height lied within (56.30,83.49) of the true mean. Its clear that the range becomes larger as the size of the standard deviation increases. Normal probability Normal probability distribution indicates the probability of how a given data is far from the mean (Laha, 2014). Table 6 The value x=71.5 indicated my weight. The results showed that the probability that the participants were shorter than my height was 0.6380, as shown in the above table. This implied that 63.8% of the participants were shorter than my height, with 36.2% being taller.

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