The religious discrimination lawsuits, presentation help

Question description Due Date:Mon, 6/6/16Grading Type:NumericPoints Possible:100Points Earned:0Deliverable Length:10 slides, including title and references slidesAssignment DetailsScenarioLearning MaterialsReading AssignmentMy Work:Online Deliverables:SubmissionsLooking for tutoring?Go to SmarthinkingArticle 1Article 2Article 3Based on the religious discrimination lawsuits outlined in the articles, imagine that you work for a retail store, and you were asked to develop training for employees and managers on reducing harassment and avoiding discrimination. In your presentation, address the following:Introduce the objective of the presentation.Introduce the companys zero-tolerance harassment policy, and explain why it must be adhered to.Address the consequences of not adhering to this policy.Discuss how employees and the organization will be affected by not complying with the zero-tolerance harassment policy by referring to Kants categorical imperative and corporate social responsibility.Be sure to apply the following in your presentation:A minimum of 2 references should be used to reinforce your thoughts.Be sure to include your references as in-text citations (on your slides) and on your reference slide.Expand your thoughts by including your presentation notes in the Notes field.

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