This is a final review on the book Brave New World

This is a final review on the book Brave New World. The rubric and instructions are linked below. Thank you!! Option 1: How does ideology a?ect the Brave New World? Do the beliefs of characters a?ect plot structure and theme? Does Huxleys varied use of ideology teach us, and if so, what is it teaching? For your analysis, track one of the following ideologies (being understood and not understood) seen within Brave New World as it a?ects society, geography, character, theme, and morality. Here are your op?ons: stasis, totalitarianism, imbecility, anthropocentrism, consumerism, lovelessness Option 2: How does ideology a?ect our reading of Brave New World? What can we learn by examining this novel through one of these ideological lenses? How does the larger ideological perspec?ve youve chosen shape how this world is perceived and the iden?ty of people within it? Your options: Marxist, Feminist, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonolial, Deconstruction, New Historicism, Postmodernism, Reader-Response

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