Description Assignment 3: The Presentation Objective:  Develop an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation based on the research you have conducted about your chosen species. Assignment Instructions:  Using the course project steps completed to date, you will develop your presentation based on the work you submitted for Assignments 1 and 2 as well as the feedback you were given. To prepare for this assignment, I recommend that you do the following: Read these directions carefully. Review the grading rubric at the bottom of the page. The grading rubric is a detailed evaluation that I will use to assess your performance. It will also help you understand what is expected of you as you prepare your assignment.  Message me with any questions! Presentation requirements: Your presentation will be submitted as an audio-narrated PowerPoint.  For instructions on how to create audio narration in PowerPoint, see the following link: Record a Slide Show With Narration.  Audio narration is a requirement! There must be a visual element (e.g., photos, videos, graphs, figures). Your presentation must contain approximately 10-15 slides (excluding references) and run approximately 5-10 minutes. Please note that less than 10% of your presentation should contain direct quotes. Proper use and pronunciation of scientific terminology are required.  For help with pronunciation, see this link: Cambridge Dictionary Be sure to properly cite your work, both internal to the presentation as well as within the reference slide (this includes photos, graphs, figures, videos, etc.). All references listed on the reference slide should be cited internally within the presentation, and vice versa.  ** Work which is improperly cited and referenced or lacking either proper citations or references may not be accepted for credit. ** You will submit this presentation to your classmates to review and discuss as a part of the Week Eight Forum. The required elements: Your presentation should contain the following elements in the order listed below.  In addition, I expect that any feedback provided to you from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography and Assignment 2: The Outline be incorporated into this assignment. Please go back and review those comments. The Body – Animals ONLY Description You must include a brief physical description. You can use your personal observations. If you cannot safely observe your organism, you must research. Size, Coloring, etc. Life Cycle and Reproduction Life Cycle: describe the life cycle of your organism.  The life cycle refers to the series of changes that happen from the beginning of life as your organism develops and grows into a mature organism.  Please see here for some hints on the Life Cycle. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Reproduction: You must discuss the reproductive strategies of your organism (e.g. release of gametes by a fish or hermaphroditic reproduction in earthworms), mate choice, mating displays, mate competition and mating systems. Structure and Function Please select one organ system of your organism that you find to be particularly interesting and describe both the anatomy and physiology of that system. If your organism is an animal, here are a list of the general animal organ systems Energy Ecology If you can observe these, that is best. If not, research. What are the food sources? Types? Amounts? Temporal pattern of feeding? Specific handling or processing of food items by the organism (e.g. the way a squirrel manipulates an acorn) Habitat Where your organism lives. This does not refer to a city or state, but rather the natural environment in which your organism lives. You should consider abiotic factors, such as soil, water, etc., as well as biotic factors, such as predators, hosts, etc. Conclusions – ALL This section must contain: Four to six points that sum up the main topics of the presentation that you have in your outline Reference Slide(s) and Internal Citations – ALL This section must contain: Internal citations – This is not just a separate section; rather, referencing should occur throughout the presentation via parenthetical citations anytime you paraphrase, make direct quotes, or use visual components from other sources.  Please be sure to cite any language, images, videos, etc. in the presentation that should be cited. ** Work which is improperly cited and referenced or lacking either proper citations or references may not be accepted for credit. ** Reference Slide – Your presentation should also have a final reference slide listing 5-10 credible sources researched for your presentation. NOTE: these are not included in the slide count for your presentation. Do not include your summary/evaluation from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography; simply list the references utilized in your presentation in APA format on the reference slide. Additional Resources: **Please Note: If you use Office 365 (which is free through the University), you will need to download the software to your computer in order to add audio narration! Presentation Tips and Guidelines APA – In-Text Citations: The Basics APA – Reference List: Basic Rules Sample Presentation (Keep in mind that this is a sample presentation for biology using a format other than PPT with audio; PowerPoint with audio is the required format for your presentation) *DISREGARD NARRATION I WILL DO THAT PART*



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