Please use the proposal in the attachment to expand in this paper. Requirements: Based on different ideas from the reading, lectures, and outside work, you will develop an idea for improving a city. For example, you can propose a new housing development, business, multi-use site, public space, or art installation. This can be an idea geared toward the future, and you have an unlimited budget as well as creative liberties to change the urban landscape (i.e., tear down an existing building, relocate businesses) as necessary. You can choose any city you like, but you must be specific about where the project would be located. The proposal for your project should be at least 10 pages and must answer the follow: Project Title City and exact locationif you can include a map (if relevant) of the location that would be helpful. Problem statement: What urban problem are you addressing with this project? Description of the project in detail Why the project is important Who will be involved and whom it will impact Long-term goals of the project Any potential unexpected consequences or negative outcomes associated with the project 1. Theoretical Focus. Review the conceptual and theoretical areas and texts that are presented in for each session in the syllabus. Select one of these sessions to be your main theoretical base for the paper. Of course some areas overlap. Its ok if conceptual areas bleed into one another and to draw from different sessions and, in fact, this is great. But pick one that you can anchor your thinking in for now. For the first part of the second update, discuss some key elements of this theoretical or conceptual perspective that you will use in your paper and why you think they are important. 2. Analytical Sketch. In the second section of this paper proposal, you should begin the process of linking your theoretical lens and topic focus that you introduced in the first update. Here, provide some preliminary ideas of how you can use your theory to examine and analyze your topic. For example, one might discuss how someone from the Chicago School analyzed a local economic redevelopment project. If you struggle to provide specifics, begin by posing some questions. For example, theories of urban economics say X. How might X influence or shape the process of gentrification of Phoenix? Then try to work it through. 3. Preliminary Bibliography. The final task is to begin your research for the paper and start putting together your bibliography. This listing of resources need not (and probably should not) be the final reference list for your paper. But it will help you to begin thinking about and collecting your resources. Please address the following: a. Class Readings. Provide a listing of the readings from class that will assist you in your paper. b. Additional Academic and Scholarly Resources. Identify and list at least three (3) additional academic references that will bolster the particular focus of your paper. Provide a brief 1-2 sentence description of how these resources will help you complete your paper. Please take care to format your sources properly in APA format. When you do, you will only need to cut and paste them into your final paper. If you have any questions about what the resources above are or how to find them, just ask me. Here are some specific, general academic journals you may want to look at: Antipode Journal of Urban Affairs Urban Affairs Review Urban Studies International Journal of Urban and Regional Research/Development National Civic Review Journal of Urbanism Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning Space & Culture



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