Wrigleys steps away from the obvious purposes gum serves, MRKT 310 Week 4 DQ Topic 3 help

Question description Please generate a short response to this student APA format. Many thanksMEMOTo: John WussowFrom: Katie YorkDate: June 21, 2016Subject: RepositioningSummary Wrigleys steps away from the obvious purposes gum serves and repositions Orbit gum as the product needed to boost confidence and feel their best no matter the situation with their Time to Shine campaign.Wrigleys has been in the gum business since 1893 and in 2008 became part of Mars, Incorporated. Since then, their Orbit brand has repositioned from breath freshener, to cleaning dirty mouths, now to confidence booster.Were reigniting the Orbit brand with a new campaign that tells our story in an emotional and culturally relevant way, saysJohn Starkey, regional vice president of marketing, Wrigley Americas.In the past we focused on the functional benefits of chewing Orbit and what you needed help getting rid of, like food, coffee and a dirty mouth. Now were leaning into the belief that when your mouth feels clean, you feel more confident and ready to take on whats next. [The campaign] is about being ready for lifes defining moments(Faw, 2016).This is an emotional approach, almost having the gum be a part of a big moment targeted to adults and teens. Although Orbit gum still serves its original function, Wrigley has repositioned to encourage the chewer that it is their time to shine. Check out one of the new commercials.Faw, Larissa. (2016, May 17). Chew Orbit, Be Confident. Retrieved June 21, 2016, from http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/276012/chew-orbit-be-confident.html

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